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The US Consul visits the YouTuber Shafiq El Amrani “Aorobe fe Merican” «عروبي في ميركان», detained in Okasha prison

Thursday – February 11, 2021 – 21:09

Mohamed El-Amrani, brother of Moroccan YouTuber Shafiq El Amrani “Aorobe fe Merican” “عروبي في ميركان”, who is being held at Oukacha prison in Casablanca, reported that the US consul in the economic capital visited his brother in his fiefdom.

Muhammad al-Amrani wrote, on his Facebook page, that “the US Consul in Casablanca accompanied the Senior US Citizen Services Specialist to the Consulate (ACS) to visit my brother Shafiq al-Amrani at Okasha Prison in the afternoon of Wednesday 10 February, 2021.”

The Youtuber arrested added that the visit of the American diplomat to his brother was made in the presence of the director of the prison.

And Muhammad al-Amrani reported that the US consul told them his brother was “sitting in a wheelchair and on hunger strike, and his health is not of concern.”

Muhammad al-Amrani added that his brother denied to the US consul that he was subjected to torture or ill-treatment, and assured him he was on a hunger strike and insisted he was a “political prisoner”.

Muhammad al-Amrani added that the family were unable to visit his brother due to quarantine, but added that the US consulate in Casablanca told them, via a digital message, that he would follow up on the matter. of his brother’s arrest “with interest. and would visit him,” as he put it.

Last Saturday, Moroccan authorities arrested Shafiq El Amrani, a Moroccan resident in the United States of America and of American nationality, immediately after arriving at Rabat-Salé airport from Belgium.

Last Sunday evening, the king’s lawyer at the Casablanca first instance court of injunction announced that Shafiq El-Amrani, known by the nickname “Arabist in America”, “was wanted on suspicion of having committed crimes. acts of a criminal nature, by publishing a series of videos containing offensive and insulting sentences against institutions, constitutionalism, regulatory bodies and public officials ”.

On Tuesday, the Ain Sebaa Court of First Instance in Al-Bayda postponed until February 25 the trial of “Shafiq El-Amrani”, detained at “Okasha” prison.

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