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The protests in Tamasent will continue due to lack of development and dire situation

Thursday – February, 11 – 2021  13:21

Tamasent Movement, Our protests are continuing due to the lack of development responses to our dire situation, and we are still waiting for the state to fulfill its obligations.

The “Tamasent Popular Movement Committee” criticized the state’s use of oppression and arrests in the face of its protests, as well as the long-standing state of tension and discontent in the region.

The committee said in a statement that the problem of the ongoing protests in Tmasent is mainly due to the lack of developmental responses that meet the aspirations of the population, in addition to the shortcomings and weakness of the local system in managing the development law, which is evidenced by the reality of the situation in the stopping and disruption of many projects.

The committee indicated that it had made a relentless effort to call and warn the state at more than one post and by all means and forms to turn seriously and voluntarily in order to endorse real solutions that would stop the economic and social hemorrhage in progress, but the state ignored the cry and the call of the inhabitants.

The committee has already engaged in numerous meetings and dialogues with various actors and officials in charge of the management of local public affairs in the region and the region, expressing its good will and finding development solutions by responding to a file of asks residents, after which he received promises from officials by adhering to the minutes of a meeting signed by the regional and local authority under the supervision and presence of the governor.

However, after a reasonable period of time since the committee and the citizens of the state were waiting to fulfill its obligations, the committee registered a lack of seriousness in commitment and action, and therefore a return to the same conditions. that generate protests.

She added that he treated all dialogue initiatives seriously and responsibly, which aim to defuse tensions and respond to the demands of the population, but that the state adheres to the logic of intransigence and tries to circumvent its obligations, so that repression, arrest and restriction would be the most important aspect of the state in its approach to the case

The committee stressed that the protest movement in Tamasent, which began in 2016 after the death of a woman due to lack of an ambulance, sought to give her the right to organize by legal means, but the authorities locals evaded and decided not to respond. , which deprived the population of a legal framework that defends their interests.

Besides the absence of dialogue and the violation of the right to organize, the committee recorded the trial of its activists as it happened with Jawad Amghar and Jawad Hadidoush, indicating that it is still awaiting reasonable solutions by which the authorities concerned remedy the miserable situation in Tamasent.

The declaration concluded with a call for the release of detainee Jawad Amghar, the abandonment of the judgments and follow-ups against the members of the committee, and the release of all political detainees, while finding solutions to the demands of the inhabitants.

And she stressed the need to address the option of dialogue instead of suppression and arrest, and find a way out of the reality of congestion and lack of development, the city of the absence of responsibility in the face of the demands of the population, and the arrest, oppression, siege and camp of the city of Tamasent.

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