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The autocracies of Inezgane prevent the march of the professors and pursue them in the streets

Thursday – February 11, 2021 – 16:36

This Thursday, February 11, the labor authorities of Inezgane Ait Melloul prevented the contract teachers from the walking, which they intended to organize near the arch of Sous Valley in the Ait Melloul community, a few moments after the arrival hundreds of Souss Massa contract teachers. Region.

According to testimonies received by the “lakm” site, in the early morning, the public forces verbally informed the contract teachers of the protest site of the ban decision, but with the succession of teachers, forcing the security and the auxiliary forces to disperse them by force, which did not spare his “sticks and truncheons”. Teachers engaging protesters from Souss-Massa.

The main street of the Ait Melloul group, with the national road No. 1 in both directions to Tiznit and Agadir, turned to flee and among the security forces, the Rapid Intervention Forces, who began to drive out the contracting masters in order to break up the demonstration and dissuade them from starting the march, according to the expression of a source of the protesting professors in his press release.

According to the testimonies of activists from the National Coordination of Teachers who were forced to contract in the city.

Despite their lawsuit, the protesters chanted slogans demanding their right to unrestricted integration, like teachers of the basic system of employees of the Ministry of National Education, expressing their solidarity with what their colleagues in Rashidiya did.

Boujdour and Larache were subjected, and what they were subjected to. He kicked and kicked the pole march on January 26, and deducted their wages, which exceeded 2,200 dirhams a month after suffering previous strikes, as they say.

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