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Spain investigate two policemen who violated Moroccan minors in the Berber occupied Canary Islands

After the protest of Morocco, the Spanish Ministry of Interior investigated two police officers who violated Moroccan minors in the Berber occupied Canary Islands by Spain.

Spanish policemen violence Moroccan immigrants.

Wednesday – February 10, 2021 – 18:32

The Spanish Minister of the Interior ordered an investigation to be opened with security officers who violated Moroccan minors in a detention center for minors in the Canary Islands, in response to the complaint that the Moroccan diplomat submitted to Madrid.

According to a Spanish newspaper, the investigation comes after the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its concern to the Spanish ambassador in Rabat after he was summoned, and indicated that security personnel do not respect human rights in dealing with Moroccan minors.

The newspaper indicated that after the Moroccan Foreign Ministry summoned the Spanish ambassador in early February, Madrid sent a request to its ambassador, so that the Canary Islands police chief received a call from Madrid announcing the opening of the investigation with the policemen responsible for what happened at the center.

A video tape spread on social media, met with political and human rights condemnation and condemnation, showed – Spanish police officers severely beat, slapped and kicked Moroccan minors after they were thrown to the ground, while the screaming and crying of Moroccan minors, who lost one of them, louder. Consciousness.

In addition to the condemnation raised by the video, voices have been raised calling for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find a radical solution for unaccompanied Moroccan minors, who are in the Diaspora, especially since incidents of attacks on them are constantly repeated.

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