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After his accounts suspended, Trump looks to acquire social media platform

Saturday – February, 06 2021 – 18:36

US reports have revealed that documents related to negotiations between former US President Donald Trump’s organization and the social network app “Parler” would be his new social network, after his account on the app was blocked. ” Twitter “.

Although the BuzzFeed website report did not directly disclose Trump’s involvement in the negotiations, the documents he obtained reveal that the Talk app is offering Trump to acquire 40% of the company’s ownership. ‘he wants to publish his publications on his platform hours before others.

But legal experts have warned that if the deal goes through, acquiring a stake in exchange for exclusive content could violate anti-corruption laws.

The report continued that the talks took place over the past summer during Trump’s presidential campaign, as well as, again, in K.KFV’s final month, after Trump lost his candidacy for his presidential election. re-election.

And “Parler” is a social network focused on “free speech”, which has attracted many right-wing and extremist voices, and is still offline several days after its board was removed.

Former US President Donald Trump relied entirely on Twitter, while his election campaign relied heavily on Facebook.

And the popularity of the “Parler” app has increased recently to become the first free app in the “Apple” app store, after the much larger “Twitter” site banned US President Donald Trump, according to “Yahoo News “.

And messages of support for the storming of the Capitol building in Washington, DC, as well as calls for further protests have spread on the “Parler” platform, prompting Google to remove it from its store of. applications, followed by “Apple”.

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