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A protest in solidarity with journalist Sulaiman Raissouni in his trial day

Sunday – February 07, 2021 – 17:23

A demonstration in solidarity with journalist Sulaiman Raissouni coincided with his trial on Tuesday.

The Solidarity Committee with journalist Suleiman Raissouni has announced its intention to organize a stand in solidarity with him in front of the Casablanca Court of Appeal next Tuesday, coinciding with the first session of Raissouni’s trial arrested nine months ago.

In a statement, the committee said the arrest of journalist Suleiman Raissouni is controlled by “political dimensions of retaliation by employing the judiciary to settle scores with voices critical of the country’s decision-makers.”

She expressed concern about the continued extension of the period of judicial investigation with journalist Suleiman Raissouni, for nearly nine months, despite the end of the investigation with him, which is overseen by the investigating judge at the Casablanca Court of Appeal, two months ago, stressing that this “deeply affected the conditions and guarantees of a fair trial, in particular the requirements for broadcasting at reasonable times.

The committee called on the Moroccan authorities to stop harassing journalists and using the justice system and the press loyal to it to harass and intimidate journalists and lawyers.

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