The 58th Anniversary of Abdel Karim Al-Khattabi’s Departure Comes in Light of Hirak Rif

A previous protest of the Amazigh movement

Friday – February, 05 2021 – 19:37

The Six “Hirak” Detainees: The 58th Anniversary of Al-Khattabi’s Departure Comes in Light of the Continuing Collective Punishment of the Campaign and its Resident.

Detainees at Rif Hirak said the 58th anniversary of the death of Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Khattabi comes “in light of the continued exclusion, marginalization and neglect to which this historic symbol is exposed at official and with it the erasure and prohibition of history, culture, historical symbols and the collective memory of compatriots … Continuation of collective punishment of the region and its inhabitants, reality of political detention and absence of national justice.

It was in a message addressed to Nasser Zafzafi, Muhammad Jalloul, Nabil Ahamjeeq, Samir Aghiz, Zakaria Dahshour and Muhammad Haki, on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the death of Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Khattabi (February 6).

The Hirak Rif detainees felt that “the memorial is their right and their duty to perpetuate it and to consecrate it as a glorious national anniversary with pride and pride of this historic international hero and icon of liberation, and with him all honorable grandparents and the righteous martyrs, and they offered for the homeland, freedom and humanity precious, precious, epics, heroic and noble positions that the world is witness to.

And they went into their collective message that “it shouldn’t be just a fleeting celebration, but rather an annual station that contemplates and draws lessons and recalls the historical responsibilities entrusted to each in order to uncover the truth about the past in the justice of history. and to the spirits of the ancestors on what they suffered serious violations, as well as on the continuation of the march. The struggle entrusted to them to restore their dignity and rights, restore respect for their history, identity and culture, and lift all forms of injustice and siege of the countryside, as well as all forms of injustice against the populations of the different regions of the great homeland.

The detainees of the “Hirak Rif” hope, according to the message: “In a country that welcomes all, freedom, dignity and social justice prevail.”

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