A Moroccan singer victim of loss identity pretends to be Indian

Friday – February 05, 2021 – 18:21

Because of the Dictatorship of the Totalitarian Kingdom of the Alawits, many Moroccan singers pretend to be Saudis and here is another victim of a loss Amazigh identity, a Moroccan singer ” N.F.” got 10 million views in a few hours in her Indian song outputs.

Moroccan singer and dancer NF shot a new song on the “T-Series” channel in the YouTube production of the work, and Lee chose it to be a 100 out of 100 Indian song, due to its strong relationship with this country.

The Moroccan N.F., as she lives in India, produced the song’s release on Thursday, and has the capacity to reach over 10 million views on the YouTube site in a matter of hours.

The Moroccan artist has chosen to represent the work professionally, in the form of Bollywood cinema, and the music video for the song “C.D”, in which the Indian actor Bollywood star I.P.

The video clip for me, the duration of 4 minutes and a text in which N.F is brilliant in the performance, because in addition to the voice, with a good sound, his singing, his dancing and his trios in a professional way.

With great respect to the Indian culture and civilization, we the people of North Africa love our “Berber” Amazigh culture and civilization and we intend to protect it as much as the Indians do for their own.

Long live the Indian and the Amazigh “Berber” cultures.

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