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The Moroccan autocracy ban the name “The Taougrat” Berber Resistance for a high school

Thursday – February 4, 2021 – 17:18

The retreat to call one of the angry high schools by the name “The Taougrat Resistance”

The retreat of the Regional Directorate of National Education of the Khenifra region over the decision to appoint the resistance poet “Taougrat”, in a secondary school in the mountain town of Thassalin, provoked outrage from the Khenifra Civil and Human Rights Community.

The Civic Coalition for the Mountain, in a letter addressed to the Minister of National Education and to the High Representative for the former resistance fighters, expressed its regret for this measure, stressing that the Amazigh resistance “Taougrat” had been martyred in one battles between the French colonialist and the Moroccan resistance, and it is a symbol of resistance in the Middle Atlas.

The coalition added in its message that “Taougrat” her poems had a great impact on fueling the enthusiasm of resistance fighters who fiercely resisted the colonial presence.

The coalition felt that this incalculable step contributes to erasing the collective memory and the memory of the valiant resistance in the Middle Atlas, as it is seen as a dangerous retreat and a denial of the symbols of resistance, especially women, and the non-recognition of their role in the defense of the dignity and freedom of the homeland, and it is a contempt and deprecation of the heroic role of the noble Amazigh woman in particular Moroccan women in general.

The coalition affirmed its support for the designation of the aforementioned institution as “the Taougrat resistance” as it enshrined the culture of recognition, honoring the symbols of resistance and preserving the collective memory, calling on all parties concerned to work to preserve the collective memory and value of the historical heritage of the resistance.
He stressed the need to abandon the marginalization of the identity and memory of symbols of national resistance in mountainous regions, and to stop the practices that erase these names and symbols from the consciousness of present and future generations, calling on everyone to confront this “unjust” decision.

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