Russia seeks economic foothold in Morocco

Wednesday – February, 3 2021 – 21:21

Rabat was keen to strengthen the ties of economic cooperation with a group of international capitals, to devote the “diplomacy of interests” which seeks to diversify economic partners regardless of political positions, while it began to open widely to China , Russia and Great Britain, in addition to its traditional partners represented in Europe and America.

In the light of the American strategic decision concerning the recognition of the Moroccan Sahara, Russia denounced the “violation” of international law. But it is nothing more than an expression of political parity with the United States, given the economic stakes that the “Kremlin Palace” seeks to achieve in Morocco.

The widely distributed Spanish newspaper “El Espanyol” has discussed the nature of the relations that govern Rabat and Moscow in recent years, noting that Morocco has become Russia’s third economic partner in Africa and the second in North Africa and the Middle East.

The news clip indicated that the 2016 Moroccan visit ushered in a “new era” of bilateral relations, after the signing of dozens of economic agreements in the first place, as well as the gradual strengthening of energy, industrial and industrial cooperation. military over the next few years. years.

In addition, Morocco and the Russian Federation signed a new cooperation agreement in the field of fisheries, replacing the agreement signed in 2016 and expired in March 2020; Indeed, the head of the representative of the Russian Federal Hunting Agency in Morocco, Mikhail Tarasov, visited El-Ayoun at the end of December, despite Russian criticism of the American decision, which clearly indicates the interest of the Russia for greater economic interests.

In this regard, an economics researcher, said: “The diversification of partners is a strategic option which has proven its worth for a long time, because the traditional relations with the European Union sometimes put Morocco under pressure. geopolitical in nature. , and also put it at the mercy of the economic fluctuations of these countries. On this of the crises of the mid-90s and the crisis of 2008.

He added that “the Moroccan initiative sought to forge new relationships aimed at diversifying foreign partners, so as to ensure sustainable development on the one hand, and the interests superiors of Morocco on the other hand ”, adding:“ There are no lasting friendships in international relations. Rather, there are permanent interests, which requires preserving those interests.

The economic expert explained that “Moroccan diplomacy has come out of its protocol shell, and has started to seek new strategic approaches, in particular by not focusing Russian interest in North Africa on Algeria only, by more to be open to Chinese genius, Turkey, India and others, as well as deepening economic relations with Africa. Without forgetting the strategic shift linked to America’s strong return to Africa through the Moroccan door.

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