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Former Hirak Rif detainees suggest a road map to achieve their requests

Wednesday – February, 3 2021 – 21:48

In order to achieve a “political breakthrough” and a real economic and social take-off in the Rif region, more than 100 former detainees presented in the “Hirak Rif” file a complete table entitled “The campaigns that we want in Morocco which we want: for the good of the common collective construction. “

In front of “all the decision-making centers of our country”, this proposed document presents the ideas, perceptions and suggestions of former prisoners in the context of the Rif movement, with the aim of “contributing, from the position of active citizenship, to the creation of a positive process in our region ”, citing“ the application file of our protest movement known as the Rif movement ”.

This document is the result of meetings organized over the months between detainees within the framework of “Hirak Rif”, with the coordination of human rights defender Salah Al-Wadie, in which the ideas contained in his latest project were developed, noting that the final version has not yet been decided.

Among the names present in this scenario: Rabih Al-Ablaq, Muhammad Al-Majawi, Al-Murtada Aamrasha, Ahmed Katrout, Rashid Al-Khattabi, Bilal Al-Muqaddam, and Ayman Fikri.

The former prisoners of the Rif movement present these ideas and proposals, in the hope of “finding listening ears, and a positive interaction which places the interest of the nation above all consideration”, to urge everyone the fusion processes that allow the creation of decent living conditions that generate income and guarantee dignity, which will lay the foundations and pillars of a real breakthrough and social and spatial justice in the region.

And to clarify the “misunderstanding” on the Rif movement, according to the terms of the memo, the starting points of this protest action “are based on the aspiration for a better future, a landscape of dignity, of recognition. and the right to a decent life. “The movement knew” to mix material, social and economic demands, and between intangible needs. , Linked to dignity, identity, culture and history, given that its dynamism (…) is, in fact, a combination of two generations of social movements: the generation of protest movements linked to material demands of an economic and social nature, and the generation of new post-material protest movements, where symbolic and identity demands are present.

The movement was then a combination “between the two generations, giving social and economic requirements a common cultural vector, because the important steps taken in the process of reconciliation have not made it possible to overcome the deep scars of the past”, which has contributed to “Highlighting a new dynamic based on identification with the idea of ​​the homeland as a melting pot. For multiple open and cumulative identities, considering that the unity of the Moroccan national identity has no entity without the recognition of the plurality of tributaries and affiliations within them, just as pluralism has no horizon without the unity of a sense of common existence, coexistence and belonging to a spacious country for all.

A court terme, la note dit qu’aujourd’hui il y a “la nécessité et la possibilité d’établir une atmosphère de vraie détente”. Elle conduit dans l’étape actuelle à «construire la confiance dans ses approches de base», en libérant d’abord «le reste des prisonniers du mouvement populaire dans les campagnes», cherchant «à réaliser ce qui est dans l’intérêt de la société, l’intérêt de la région et l’intérêt de la patrie.

The newspaper calls for “the abolition of prosecutions against activists of the movement in the diaspora”, because it was “a negative point that has contributed to the dispersion among our families, sowing fear, through prosecution, and the confiscation of their right to return to their homeland. . “He also calls for” urgently announcing an integrated, integrated, sustainable and participatory program to create employment opportunities and an economic take-off “and” to regularize the status of the administrative promotion of released prisoners and employees of public administrations, particularly in the field of education and health. sectors ”, with“ the opening of a public debate on the evaluation of the program. Al-Turabi: “Al Hoceima, the lighthouse of the Mediterranean”.

In the medium term, the former detainees of Hirak evoke the need to “give back the soul” to the recommendations of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission, which stipulated: “Follow-up contacts with the family of Abd al-Karim al-Khattabi, with the ‘objective to study the conditions of return of his remains to Morocco according to the wishes of his family and relatives, and to create the Abd al-Karim. Al-Khattabi research center, considering its administrative headquarters as a historical monument, restores it and uses it as a historic center to define its personality and as a socio-cultural cultural center, while organizing a traveling national exhibition around it.

The same source calls for giving tangible content to the spatial justice process, by pushing for the institutional construction of regional structures, by strengthening the roles of territorial groups and by ensuring their real and serious openness to the energies formed by the new elites, the youth. and the women of the region, excluding all those who made the campaign a consumption card. The policy, the control and the means of illicit enrichment, in the file of the earthquake of 2004, for example.

The document also calls for the organization of a “national debate on social and spatial justice, with the balanced participation of all actors, including activists from the Rif movement, in order to formulate a strategic roadmap on the subject. , to ensure the proper download of the new development model, and so that this does not happen again. “The real estate mafia” in Al Hoceima, because “one of the main reasons for the outbreak of the movement is the spread of corruption , in particular in Al Hoceima (…) among certain elected circles which consider themselves above the law (…) although the royal speech of 3 years ago focused on the link between responsibility and the obligation to render count and did not exclude any person or party. “

The detainees released from the “Hirak Rif” offer a program that covers the fields of maritime economy, agriculture and crafts, tourism, industry and services, and social economy and solidarity, with the aim of “creating integrated jobs for the region. young people through self-employment, the economic empowerment of women in the region and the diversification of the territorial offer of Al Hoceima,” And create real conditions for economic recovery in the face of major job-creating investments.

The document presents in detail some of the projects, their target groups, their financial limits, their requirements and the methods of checking the integrity of their functioning and the preservation of their credibility. It also details, in its proposed solutions, a number of aspects of economic empowerment, encouragement of access to economic opportunities, encouragement of the integration of women into the labor market and of encouragement of education and training.

The memorandum focuses on “the promotion of the identity dimension of the region” as a guarantor of the cultural, civilizational and historical pluralism of the country, proposing in this context the creation of a gallery of fine arts in Al Hoceima, institutionalizing the cultural festivals and ensuring real annual support for this from banking institutions, while creating a regional library that facilitates scientific research for students in the region. Similar to the National Library.

The same memorandum calls for diversifying the university pole, and putting it at the service of the economy and structured projects, while adapting it to create a higher school of digital engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence, a national school of art and design, a college of dentistry, and a higher school of technology, so that “the university nucleus does not turn into a nursery for the production of the unemployed”.

The document also addresses the need for the sons and daughters of the region to have “language centers for cultural missions”, which is done by linking contacts with diplomatic missions accredited to Morocco, and providing them with real estate facilities. allowing them to create institutes in the city. , including French, American, British, German and Chinese institutes. With the creation of regional centers to support the region’s economic take-off, such as: the National Institute for Maritime Fisheries Research, the National Agency for Aquaculture Development and the National Institute for Agricultural Research.

At the end of the article, the liberated activists of the Rif Hirak movement say that the aim of their program is “to be a serious and responsible citizen contribution, based on our livelihoods with the material and moral conditions that define our region, our experience and our relationship with the inhabitants ”, expressing their certainty that“ the adoption of this program will certainly help to achieve the expected objectives in terms of job creation. It will also provide an organized response, collective and participatory reflection, and it will work to restore the confidence of young people and women among the population of the region, and will ultimately help create the necessary opportunities for hope.

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