Environmental calls to protect Dayat Dar Bouazza

Wednesday – February, 3 2021 – 18:31

The Directorate of Water Research and Planning, affiliated to the General Directorate of Water of the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, has initiated the implementation of procedures legal determinations of water ownership in Dayat Dar Bouazza.

The Directorate of Water Research and Planning has issued a decision on the determination of the boundaries of the public water domain for the last water district of the Casablanca-Settat region, and has started to receive the opinions of residents, civil society organizations and the rest of the people concerned. in the file, at the headquarters of the Community of Dar Bouazza and in the employment of the region of Nouaceur, for a period of one month, in parallel with the continuation of the procedures The judicial authority to stop the memorization process underway in the Nouaceur real estate governorate.

A Casablanca Authority lawyer said the ruling that has been released regarding Daya Dar Bouazza will help protect her and stop the memorization process targeting her.

He explained that the Dayat Dar Bouazza is a natural and water wealth that all officials and citizens must work to protect, given the greater importance that characterizes it in terms of ensuring an ecological and natural balance, whether for the inhabitants or migrating birds a strategic step in their seasonal migration.

In a new development in the Dayat Dar Bouazza case, the civil appeal court of the city of Casablanca has started the review of the Dayat memorization case, which covers an area of ​​18 hectares, after the appearance of new parties in the file.

The Oued Sebou watershed, to which this district belongs, hastened to appoint a lawyer to defend its legal affiliation to the basin, on the grounds that it is a public good that cannot be legally owned by of natural persons, according to Moroccan legislation stipulates clearly and unambiguously, according to the assurances of legal specialists in the field.

The Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water has formed a team of seasoned legal experts to work on developing an urgent legal strategy to protect Dar Bouazza and follow all procedures available to restore it.

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