Health care professionals on the streets protesting

Wednesday – January, 27 2021 – 20:36

“Government Indifference” Health professionals have taken to the streets for vigils of anger.

The health unions have entered a new confrontation with the government due to their inability to respond to the health demands of workers identified during the sectoral social dialogue with the sector’s guardian ministry, as vigils today, Wednesday, at the invitation of three unions.

The protests, called by the National Health Union, the National Public Health Union and the National Health University, put pressure on the government to respond to four main demands; The most important of these is to increase the value of compensation for occupational hazards for all groups “in a fair, unified, equal and equitable manner”.

The breaks also come in order to modify the statute of the doctors to ensure a fair remuneration with the addition of two ranks, in addition to a definitive solution to the file of the nurses dismissed by the State (training of two years), thanks to a exceptional upgrade. and effect from the year 2017, and the dissolution of the medical assistant’s file with a new decree which includes a new name and an addition Two new grades.

The three health unions chose the slogan “We express anger and fight against disease” for the vigils they called, expressing their displeasure at what they described as “the indifference of the Prime Minister and of the Minister of Finance and their alteration of the concerns and expectations of health professionals and their avoidance of responding to their just demands, even at a minimum, ”she also criticized. The absence of packages from the Minister of Health.

The same bodies have estimated that the government’s inability to respond to the demands of health professionals who have fought many forms of protest “means denying their suffering and underestimating their sacrifices, at a time when the Prime Minister calls on them to unite their efforts and further preparation of the comprehensive immunization process and continue the positive achievements in the fight against the epidemic.”

The two-hour vigils that health professionals have delivered today, Wednesday, are the most important of their kind, whether at the level of the union bloc or at the level of coverage, since the number has reached 92 simultaneous stops at across the country. In addition, these unions were able for the first time to cover all the delegates of the Ministry of Health, according to the testimony of the organizers.

In a statement the national general clerk of the National Union of Public Health, said the vigils “are the start of a program of struggle with the aim of conveying the message to the government, represented by its chairman. and the ministers of finance and health, to express their anger at the procrastination and the inability to deal seriously with the demand for health cadres. With all its classes ”.

The same spokesperson added that the health unions have been involved for two years in periodic and responsible meetings within the framework of the sectoral social dialogue, “but it appears over time that their demands are not taken seriously enough by the government”.

The three health unions are calling on the government to “take an exceptional approach with health workers who have done exceptional work in exceptional circumstances”, calling on them to move away from what they called “the technical approach. traditional with a vital sector which has become the top priority, with everyone’s confirmation, unless it is just a speech of consumption by the Prime Minister ”.

In this context, he said the government’s discourse on health cadres is “characterized by duplication”, adding: “The government talks about the health sector as one of its priorities, but it is not working. to implement this slogan on the ground, because the finance law was approved without any response. It includes a response to the requirements of health officials, and the budget allocated to the health sector remains far from realizing the slogans adopted by the government.

En revanche, une source syndicale appelant à la protestation des cadres de santé a déclaré aujourd’hui que ces derniers, malgré l’incapacité du gouvernement à répondre à ses demandes, n’épargneront aucun effort pour faire réussir la campagne de vaccination contre le Coronavirus, ajoutant: «Nous continuerons à poursuivre les efforts considérables que nous avons déployés depuis près d’un an, malgré la souffrance et malgré la gestion négative du gouvernement de notre dossier exigeant.

Health workers protest Wednesday and say: We express our anger and fight the disease.

Dozens of health, medical and paramedical workers gathered at Hassan I Hospital in Tiznit to protest against the financial and professional conditions in which they live, bearing the slogan “We express anger and fight against disease” and to respond to the appeal of the health unions in the sector.

The protesters launched slogans calling for fairness to healthcare professionals, the main one of which is “The final solution to the case of nurses in two-year training with retroactive promotion since 2017, with the increase in the value of compensation for occupational risks for all groups in a fair, unified, equal and equitable manner, as well as the modification of the fundamental law for physicians with remuneration justice from 509 with full compensation and two grades.

They also demanded that “the file of medical assistants be dissolved by a new decree, which includes a new conference and two new diplomas.”

According to the leader of the National Health Union (KDH), the health officials expressed “their destruction through the indifference of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Health, their falsification of their concerns, expectations and needs of health professionals, their abandonment and circumvention to meet their just demands, even if they are minimal.

This comes, he said, in the context of “the suffering of health workers and the underestimation of their sacrifices, at a time when the Prime Minister calls on them to unite their efforts and give more for the vaccination process. complete and to pursue the positive achievements in the fight against the epidemic, but he forgets that these achievements could not have been achieved without denying the self-sufficiency of the agents of the health sector and fulfilling their professional, humanitarian duty and national without compensation or barter, and in very difficult circumstances they face. the imminent danger without relentlessly forgetting themselves and their families and not demanding any favors or gifts, but only their disadvantaged rights and their legitimate demands pending, long ago and taking into account their inappropriate working conditions , and recognition I have the privacy of their industry and their professions.”

Injuries during a security intervention to prevent unemployed doctors from walking.

The security forces intervened to disperse a protest march organized by dozens of unemployed doctors this morning, Wednesday January 27, in the capital, Rabat.

The security intervention left a number of injuries of varying severity among unemployed medics who were about to travel from the headquarters of the Ministry of National Education to the Parliament building before security forces n ‘intervene to disperse their march.

According to sources within the Coordination of Unemployed Doctors, the security intervention caused various injuries among the protesters, including the injury of one of the protesters with trauma.

Unemployed doctors are protesting against their exclusion and marginalization from participation in higher education matches, given that the state and the responsible ministry, these positions are only open to salaried doctors.

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