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Amghar Daghrani and Israel

Tuesday – January, 26 2021 – 17:42

Amghar Ahmed Daghrani and Israel.

What if fate gave Ahmed Daghrani a few days to see part of his political thesis materialize visually, and part of his speech, described as abnormal and racist, turned into an official speech, and everyone defends even the heralds of the new Khaybar and a state from the river to the sea, they choose their words and deliver them cunning and fearlessly, in expressions of the highest interest, politically possible, behaving like men of the state , the second man;

And other expressions that do not deceive anyone, especially since they are issued by those who believe only in the organization of the International Brotherhood, and loyalty to the Upper Door in its image of “benevolent Erdoganist”. , And for the “House of Islam” project; Daghrani defended another perspective on Morocco’s relationship with its environment, based on the common human being, rejecting international relations based on religious or Arab axes, believing that the Mediterranean and Africa are welcome from this narrow dimension, in which we were confined to a burst of applauders of Nasserism and its crimes, customers of Gaddafi’s gifts, and orphans of Albomdini rifles and after Saddamism; And when religious merchants discovered “cities of salt”

Daghrani, a keen follower of world changes, realized early on that the maps of the world were constantly changing, that the stagnation of relations during the Cold War and their confinement in ideological molds died and collapsed, and that the world would be for cultures, languages ​​and new identities, so he read with the passion of the insatiable researcher, all the readings The New History, the laws that animate the cycle of history and the awakening of peoples, and restoring their immunity and their cultural components of themselves and their being.

Therefore, it was difficult for him to be convinced of the ideological discourse even if it was convincing, and he rejected the whole fact, and wondered what is not obvious, so he asked why we consider Palestine as a “national question”. And kilometers of distances take us away from it? Why don’t you consider her as the mother of the world as such, nor the handmaid of the Two Holy Sanctuaries, nor the Sharif of Amman, a descendant of the Sharif of Mecca, the guardian of Islamic Jerusalem;

Why? Why? Daghrani was confused by the questions, with his inquiries, persuasive in his reasoning, daring to ask it, uncompromising towards nationalists and their Islamist allies;

Ahmed Al-Darghani deconstructed the expression “normalization” and considered that it made no sense for the people of North Africa, because they have no borders with Israel, and the latter is not. went to war with him, so why do we imprint relationships that are originally normal? … He went to Israel, without worrying about a media campaign. Cheap targeted his person, his choices;

There he discovered shocking facts, this visit was the focus of his speech after that, in particular his meeting with Foreign Minister Tzivi Livni… a visit to challenge, discover, overcome the stereotype, find out the facts of reality who do not rise up, and not like the trumpets of a London Jerusalem newspaper and its godfather Abd al-Bari Atwan, the miserable face of bad luck;

The peace plan landed on the land of the Almohad community in West Africa, so what happened to the being of God, as the Moroccans say? Everyone went back to reading the Moroccan constitution and found in it a Hebrew dimension of our national identity, and asked for the memory of cities, and I remembered the names of ancient Jewish families that coexisted with others. Muslim women, and plenty of proof of that, and the Israelis remembered Morocco, the land of their ancestors, their customs, so they spoke in the Moroccan dialect, the speech of nostalgia for an origin that separated them from it . Hurtful speech, narrow mentality and narrow calculations;

This is ultimately the image that Daghrani fought, so that Morocco is an open and multiple Morocco, which does not accept the exclusion of any option only because the beards and remains of Arabists and Wahhabi tails annoy our hearing with Khaybar Khaybar;

Peace be upon you, Dahmad, and your soul is to be congratulated, for your destiny is to come before time, and for fate to hasten and seize your soul, as to your still disturbing free thoughts, and this will remain their promise. until you are established for your Amazigh alternative.

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