There is no evidence that Trump supporters who stormed the Congress?

American District: There is no evidence that Trump supporters who stormed Capitol Hill plotted to kill lawmakers.

Investigators have revealed that the US Department of Justice has no evidence to date, until something proves that supporters of incumbent President Donald Trump, who stormed the Congress building, during the week who was gone, planned to detain elected officials and thought kill them.

This is the moment when police on Friday saw one of the weapons in Washington, while trying to pass through a unit of checkpoints around the Congress building, which hosted the inauguration of President-elect Joe on Wednesday. Biden.

And in a hearing session, in the Arizona Court regarding the arrest of a rioter, Jacob Chansley, who believed in the conspiracy theory, and a follower of the far-right “Q-Anon” movement, federal prosecutors retracted earlier accusations that Trump supporters were planning “to detain and kill elected officials” in the Sixth of the attacks. January, Washington, DC.

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