After their deportation from Tangier prison, Ahmed Nasser Zefzafi demand answers

January 23, 2021 17:21

After their deportation from Tangier prison, Nasser Zefzafi’s father asks Tamek to disclose the place of imprisonment of his son and his companion Jalloul.

Ahmed Zafzafi, father of Rif Hirak leader Nasser Zefzafi, revealed that he did not know the whereabouts of his son and colleague Mohamed Jalloul, who had been arrested in connection with the Rif movement, after the decision to expel him with other inmates of Tangirs 2 prison.

On Friday evening Ahmed Zafzafi took to a live broadcast on his Facebook page, saying: “I have wronged these young men and the punishment is not in this way of revenge, and we do not know where are Nasser and Jaloul. ” Call to reveal their fate.

“You have to know that these are our sons, and we don’t know where they are,” he added. “We don’t know where Nasser Zefzafi and Mohamed Jalloul, we have to know where they are”.

“We will wait until tomorrow, otherwise we will address our request to another party to know the fate of our son,” Zafzafi continued, addressing Tamek.

The same spokesperson asserted that the state does not need anyone’s mediation to release detainees, stressing that there is an urgent need for “the political will of the state to release these detainees, and we demand political will to get rid of this issue. “

The General Delegate for Prison Administration and Reintegration announced last Thursday that he had decided to expel the detainees from Rif Hirak to Tangier 2 prison, because of what he considered “the persistence to use the landline service to establish contacts that are not part of the preservation of family and social ties, as much as what has become a means they use to post recordings and blogs and exchange encrypted messages with their relatives, and even on the instruction of the father of one of them, the question has reached the point of claiming rights unrelated to the conditions of their detention, thus defeating the legal and regulatory controls in place in the establishments penitentiaries.

In a statement, the commission added that the detainees of the Hirak Rif in Tangier had refused to comply with the orders of the administration of this institution and ignored its repeated warnings and warnings, while accusing them of not worshiping the institutions of the ‘State and threaten to enter in masse hunger strikes. Noting that the administrations of the institutions to which they will be expelled will allow them to contact their families in order to inform them of the destination of the expulsion upon their arrival.

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