Illegal migrants deported from northern cities to south

Monday – January, 18 2021 – 18:23

Authorities are deporting 120 “African migrants” from northern cities to south.

Moroccan public authorities have launched a new large-scale campaign in the north to remove illegal migrants from sub-Saharan Africa from certain Mediterranean hotspots, targeting more than 120 illegal immigrants who are preparing to transfer them to internal cities, according to reports. local sources.

The same sources reported that “the operation started the day before yesterday, and affected some hot areas, such as Bailiouch and the forests adjacent to the occupied city of Ceuta and Fneideq”, noting that “those concerned have been transferred to social protection centers in Martel, on the horizon of their final deportation to the Amazigh-speaking towns of Agadir, Tiznit and (Beni) Ait Mellal.”

These migrants have been transferred to Martel in order to welcome them and submit them to the examination of the Coronavirus, on the horizon of their departure to southern Morocco, noting that the operation took place in a cold climate given the low temperature in the north”.

The illegal immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa are living in a tragic situation and in a situation of displacement, so that they are spreading in the forests adjacent to the occupied city of Ceuta, and some of them they consider the caves as a refuge to avoid the cold.

The Moroccan authorities, represented by the gendarmerie and the auxiliary forces, carry out permanent combing campaigns in order to move migrants away from certain hot spots in the north, stressing that “this is not the first time that Morocco has adopted this option, which the impression that it plays the role of the European gendarmerie.

Deportation to the south is not a solution. It is rather circumstantial and temporary, the security authorities intend to transfer these migrants, who wish to join the cities of Ceuta or Melilla and cross to the other side, to distant cities in southern Morocco by bus, the government considered this to be part of a campaign against the mafias and displacement networks.

Deported immigrants say they are exposed to constant provocations, especially the homeless, who enter with them into battles that often result in losses between the two sides. Although Morocco has made great progress in the process of integrating immigrants into society, “it has recently been noticed that the treatment of these people by the authorities has started to take a different course after the expulsion of several ‘between them”.

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