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Amazigh New Year brings back to the fore the role of mosque preachers in dispelling hatred

Monday, 18 January 2021 – 21:29

Amazigh New Year brings back to the fore the role of mosque preachers in dispelling hatred.

One of the Friday sermons interacted with the public debate related to the celebration of the Amazigh New Year, after calling on hard-liners “sheikhs” to “ban” customary “Yennayer” rituals, which made the sermon much appreciated by Moroccan citizens.

The “Amazigh New Year” has brought to light the security and educational role that mosques play in an era of religious extremism, while certain “sheikhs” erased from the Wahhabi reference seek to sow the seeds of hatred in Moroccan society , in that all cultures and religions coexist throughout history.

With the increase in ban fatwas outside the institutional religious framework, it has become necessary for mosques to keep pace with the societal discussions that generate great controversy in virtual circles, in order to refute extremist religious tendencies. , instead of simply repeating monetary sermons dealing with “consumed” topics.

In this context, Rachid Ailal, a Moroccan writer specializing in religious affairs, said that “the sermon that is circulating highlights the central role of mosques in raising awareness, because it will heal the group that the Wahhabi tide wants to do in Morocco , after the spread of certain fatwas that wear the robe of Islam, which requires facing it. Other jurisprudence from the Islamic system.

Ailal added, in a statement to the online newspaper Hespress, that “the role of mosques is still absent at a time when the building of culture must be shaped instead of destructive”, stressing that “Moroccans had the used to resort to mosques in the past to solve their problems. problems, but the spread of the Wahhabi tide turned them into a means of inciting hatred and violence.

The writer explained that “the positive role of the mosque in the formation of citizenship and the creation of the human dimension must be rendered, and the consolidation of the reconciliation of Moroccans with the various cultures, of which Tamazight is a great tributary of its tributaries “. ? “

The spokesperson said that “the celebration of the Hegirian New Year has nothing to do with Islam, because these same sheikhs admit that the Hegirian calendar was mentioned by Omar bin Al-Khattab, and so it is a call to encourage Arab culture against the Amazigh. culture, while Moroccans need these struggles because what unites them is a nation.”

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