An Imam authorizes the celebration of the Amazigh year

Saturday, 16 January 2021 – 17:29

Khatib authorizes celebration of “Amazigh year” and refuses to restrict Moroccans.

On a large scale, Moroccan activists took part on social media in the Friday sermon during which preacher Lahcen Skakfal defended the celebration of the Amazigh New Year.

This follows a controversy sparked by an active Salafi commentary on New Year’s celebrations in the Maghreb, inherited or organized, saying it is not allowed for a Muslim, while rejecting calls to make it an official national holiday.

In his sermon in one of the Tamesna mosques in the city of Temara, Lahcen Al-Sakanfel, head of the Council of Muslims for the employment of Skhirat, chose Temara, to mention “those who speak in the name of religion and prohibit certain good customs, traditions and norms which strengthen the bonds of social relations “, saying that” they must understand that before entering Islam it was There are customs, and as long as they do not violate the doctrine of Islam, nor a general moral principle rule, they are allowed.

Al-Sakanfal mentioned that the celebration of the Amazigh New Year associated with agriculture “in which people gather and eat special foods, from the good and bounty produced by the land, and the family relationship is established , and people rejoice in this good, and ask God to bless their cultivation.”

Commenting on the refusal to protest that such celebrations were not in the time of the Prophet, al-Sakanfal stated in his sermon that “the reality of the Messenger of God, God bless him and grant him peace, was in Mecca and Medina, and we are in another reality of life.

And the lawyer added: “In Morocco, we have our culture and our diverse civilization, and it is one of the richest in our country, and we have our choices in our religiosity: the Ash’ari credo, the Maliki school of thought and Sunni Mysticism, in the light of the leadership of the faithful who protect the fever of religion and religion (…) Anyone who calls to abandon these good customs and traditions calls for scattered things and calls for discord.

Skanfal went on to denounce: “As if there were no scholars in our country! Not in the Souss, not in the Atlas, not in the countryside, not in the North, until these people come up with such a conversation, causing discord.

The Friday preacher stressed the need to “respect the customs and traditions of society.” Because it is “the title of our civilization and our culture, as long as it does not violate a religious or moral legal basis”.

Before summing up, he said: “Moroccans celebrated this occasion centuries ago, and a number of immoral scholars have passed through Morocco who have not denied this matter to the nation. Because the role of scholars is to clarify religion and explain it to people, so that they can live a good and happy life, and it is not the task of scholars to put pressure on people.

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