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A beer truck rollover, looters of all ages ignored to rescue the drunk driver

A beer truck tipped over in Rabat, the capital, in the Yusufiyya district. All the way fell, everywhere where there was no shaking, so beer, children, women, young and old. Of course, the chef does not shop, why do you die without crushing or bleaching. What’s important is the food for me, and for me “God” brought it to us, before Christmas it’s special, now we just need some cakes and candies. And as they are called with their members by “God”, He forgives them and forgives them with faith and cuts the forbidden, believing in the validity that it is forbidden and a brother that he received from the day he drank there, in more to the fact that the state is its head and so far the rest of the alcohol is there is against totalitarian law.

schizophrenia of the members of the Moroccan parliament

The people who stole the lambs from the poor farmers tracks to celebrate the feast of their religious, the same people who stole the beer after that beer truck that was upside down was upside down, some got out of their cars to steal the beer and returned to their cars, the same people who live in beyond the poverty line caused to them by the Autocrat Alawit Monarchy and shouts publicly “Long life to the King” Predator Mohamed VI, also the same fox who votes for the Islamist Party for Justice and Development. the same people who are against normalization and being the first to go to Israel if they want a job opportunity there, now they come together between the women’s and youth group. the same who walk into a store or restaurant and want to be served first by skipping the line. whether the accident truck has a valuable load or not, it is about saving the driver and protecting his property; the same people who throw their empty bottles out the windows or in the litter box in the streets. He is a general, but only a small minority of Moroccans who have a real moral.

schizophrenia of the Autocrat King Mohamed VI and his Boyfriend Bozaaytar

Drinking in Morocco is very expensive, and it is very expensive compared to others than Ceuta and Melilla, and the citizen will be destroyed, and at the same time he cannot waste what he can protest, so where to follow which it has a separate door alone and like an intervention that goes out and goes out, and you are in a situation where there is a soul, the atmosphere is the process of buying alcohol In Morocco, it is devoid of joy , happiness, love of life, and the desire to celebrate it, for there is nothing but the feeling of being chased, watched and cursed, and there is a plastic bag with alcohol, a taxi and a drinker from the owners of the ninety-nine and a person from the matriarchy. the sale and distribution of alcohol in Morocco is monopolized by the totalitarian king Mohamed VI who is allowed to freely deliver alcohol to stores across the country, but damn it for the citizen who simply buys the alcohol and walks out of the store , he will be arrested by the autocratic police state and charged with possession of alcohol and he faces prison terms and fines; The autocratic police state must end this dirty game and be more lenient with Moroccans and reduce the price of alcohol and lift its criminalization, be sold everywhere and go into supermarkets to find it on the shelves next to bread and potatoes to accustom people to it as in other parts of the world. The day a beer truck turns around like this, people will first come to rescue the driver and then drink beer but not like they have done now, it’s a disaster.

The psychology of the schizophrenia of the Moroccan being, it is those who stole the beer cans from this overturned truck are those who play piety and piety on us. Insulting girls and denying normalization on Facebook is called shame and hypocrisy.

Schizophrenia in Morocco
  • Unfortunately the majority of us suffer from schizophrenia, duplicates, living with a double bass, they will contradict with their heads, a contradiction, so it forms .. we all watched and laughed yesterday on the reversal of a truck delivering beer case. Rabat, we saw hundreds of people stealing bottles and cans of beer and fleeing, ironing young men. But the ones I can’t fathom are the same people are the ones who are active social media bloggers who oppose normalization with Israel and act like imams teaching us about religion and morality.
  • These people are the same people who insult the girls who post their photos and go to see them, the women on a daily basis, and who follow them and inform them also to then rise to a higher rank, these are the people who intend to dishonor people like me or transsexuals, sex workers, like any girl who knows her and smokes or drinks and walks with the boys, pretending she’s “dirty”, and that name is what they even call for girls who choose to wear one that is far from the stereotypes of society, which force women to wear heavy clothes, summer and cold, and these are the same people who fade, like a girl walking in the street during Ramadan, they say, “Oh my “God”, that’s an objection… O “God”, I’m fasting.”
  • On social networking sites it shows that this society is betrayed and the rest live, from times so ancient, with the abundance of people and the norm, which in the case of these people concerns the intellectual and the enlightened increase in the former Morocco, by denying these people to human rights initiatives which claim to respect the individual freedoms of people and consider them as personal matters of people who are not special. The law controls it, and people who want to watch out for girls are referred to the one who decided to do something like a woman posing her video, wearing nice clothes, or directing a sexy shoot.
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A beer truck rollover, looters of all ages ignored to rescue the drunk driver in Rabat
  • And the piety and piety that existed among these people reverted to many. So Israel is a universe that does not go to it without thinking about it again on its own, and that runs up against you with principles, Palestine and zero.
  • The question I’m asking myself isn’t: are you okay, are you okay, or what really is. He is the one who broke the ban and fled with the Muslims (the ban is multiplied by the fact). We are fully aware of the answer, and we know the people who live, but the question that arises strongly is the treatment of the Moroccan being schizophrenic by nature? What are the factors that made him run like this?
  • Without a doubt, we think that the schizophrenia that we have is due because we have lost things, our lives are half-hearted, or they can be extortionists and hardships for us after we let them go, so if we do let’s get up, we are in the middle of the road, and we transform a man, the world and a man, so that we can believe what we want, as to reality; The point is to live your life, to let people live theirs, and at least hold people accountable, you will be good among them. The first one to run it and play it an angel, and you’re a devil and the forbidden child is one of your addicts.

The looting of Eid sacrifices and a truckload of alcoholic beverages reveals signs of moral crisis.

A beer truck rollover, looters of all ages ignored to rescue the drunk driver in Rabat

With the same degree of haste from thieves, the reality of the case of the theft of the remaining alcoholic beverages from a smashed truck in Rabat did not differ from the fact that many individuals were removing rams from a market dedicated to the sale of sacrifices from the Eid in the city of Casablanca.

Likewise, the two besieged locations, whatever their needs, seemed to be at the same distance from the connection with moments free and exploiting human weakness, especially since the driver of the liquor truck was injured by the coup and cattle sellers encountered a digital fork. it was hard to stop.

The two incidents met under circumstances where people needed rams to coincide with Eid al-Adha, and comments from the drink truck incident tied the upcoming date of the New Year celebrations; This is an event that typically sees high intensity, high level sessions, some of which go beyond limits.

The cattle rustling videos showed citizens taking advantage of owners’ weakness and pouncing on the goods, bypassing advice related to religious occasion and the need to rely on oneself to ensure the legitimacy of the sacrifice, while the gatherers of bottles of alcohol chose to take their share and flee.

The head of the Center for Societal Transformations and Values ​​in Morocco and the Mediterranean Basin, said these actions should not be isolated from the mentality and history of Moroccans, as a people affected by famines and “Starvations” in past periods, and therefore there is a collective acceptance of such actions.

He added in a statement that Omar bin Al-Khattab authorized the theft at certain times and under certain circumstances. However, the situation has been used arbitrarily and has turned into a crime in the current context, warning him of more dangerous phenomena than what happened this year.

From the point of view of the Moroccan sociologist, during certain traffic accidents, people collect the goods of the wounded and the dead, and it is much more serious and morally more dangerous than the two incidents, knowing that the Moroccan personality suffers from ‘extensive moral and social schizophrenia.

He went on to say, “The morals of Moroccans show them that they adhere to religion at the level of speech. But in practice, the question is completely different ”, asking the State to move to invest in the spiritual and mental domains, not in the ritual, with the need to adapt religious data to reality.

Rabat police state arrests alcohol truck driver for inflicting heavy material losses on twelve cars on public roads.

A beer truck rollover, looters of all ages ignored to rescue the drunk driver in Rabat

The police state of Rabat opened a judicial investigation under the supervision of the incompetent prosecutor, on the evening of Friday, December 25, to determine all the criminal acts attributed to a 37-year-old truck driver who committed a traffic accident in the as a result of advanced drunkenness and material losses inflicted on private property.

A report from the Autocratic Monarchy National Security Directorate said the alleged driver was driving a truck to transport alcoholic beverages in Rabat’s Al-Nahda neighborhood when he lost control and turned around in roadside due to the advanced state of drunkenness he was in, causing heavy material loss to twelve light cars parked in the street year round.

The same source added that the security intervention resulted in the arrest of the truck driver, who was severely intoxicated, and 12 people were arrested at the scene of the accident, ten of them. them for violating the state of health emergency, and two for their alleged involvement in the theft of part of the shipment that was on the truck.

The report stated that the driver who caused the accident had been placed under police custody due to searches being carried out under the supervision of the competent prosecutor’s office, while the other persons arrested were subjected to a judicial search procedures, in order to determine all the offenses and criminal acts attributed to them.

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