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Journalists Raissouni and Radi announce their hunger strike

Moroccan Republic News and Magazine_

Thursday, December 10 2020 15:35

The two journalists, Sulaiman Raissouni and Omar Al-Radi, announced a 24-hour hunger strike, which starts from the evening of next Wednesday and ends on Thursday evening, coinciding with International Human Rights Day on December 10, in protest against their continued pre -trial detention without trial.

According to a statement from the two journalists, the strike comes in protest against “their continued detention without trial, as punishment for their ideas and their positions, as well as in solidarity with all political detainees, prisoners of conscience and all protest movements. , human rights defenders, journalists and the general population who are harassed because of their opinions.”

Raissouni and Radi called on executives, bodies and the general population to engage in this form of protest, by participating in the hunger strike, as well as in the various activities and activities that go in parallel, and to do December 9 and 10 as two days of struggle to end political detention in Morocco, demanding various political, human rights and trade union bodies. Make its headquarters in various Moroccan cities available to “those who wish to start a hunger strike, taking into account the precautionary measures and the requirements of the state of health emergency”.

Raissouni and Radi are on hunger strike to protest against their continued pre-trial detention without trial.

The two journalists, Souleiman Raissouni and Omar Radi, announced that they were going on a 24-hour hunger strike to protest against their continued pre-trial detention without trial.

The two journalists also called on journalists and human rights defenders in Egypt, Algeria and all the countries of North Africa, to participate in the way and in the manner that their situation allows, in the activities of struggle for the release of all political prisoners in Morocco, as well as a united effort to confront the “regime of tyranny” in the region.

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