The victory of normalization and the threat to stability

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Wednesday, December 16 2020 – 17:20

The Moroccan government’s announcement on December 10, 2020, in which it was announced, along with the United States’s recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its southern provinces, Morocco’s intention to normalize relations with Israel. The real Arabs – the Gulf States – are fully normalizing their relations with Israel. Why did I not wait for this Moroccan decision?

Because the Moroccan government, that is to say the palace, has become, by virtue of the “compromise” function of the Palestinian question, a victim of the blackmail exerted on it in its name until it almost becomes the hostage of this blackmail, when it was not possible to put an end to it without political losses, especially since the practitioners of this extortion, who are reinforced by the culture of “naturalization” They threaten to be able to move to the streets and rally the masses against any decision which “betrays” the Palestinian cause, and by that they mean normalization with Israel.

What is the meaning of “naturalization” that you mentioned that will be mentioned several times throughout this discussion? “Al-Tabbeen” is a term coined from the word “hyena”, the well-known animal. And in the popular belief that the “submissive” person is the submissive, submissive, dependent and obedient person, who loses freedom of will and decision due to eating the brain of the hyena. This is especially the husband, for whom his wife inserts a substance from the hyena’s brain into the food and, after eating it, becomes a doll in her hand who does not disobey an order or refuse her order. request.

In Morocco, since the (false independence) and the political class – and with it the educated elite – they have “fed” the Moroccans, through the school, the media and the state institutions, with the brain of the “hyenas” of the Arab East until they become submissive, obedient, subordinate and loyal to all that smacks of ethnic Arabism, such as “honest lineage”, and the “Palestinian cause”, “Arab membership “And” the Arabized Maghreb”, thus losing the capacity for identity, ideological and sectarian independence, just like the enchanted husband and” diphtheria “(see the theme:” Al-Tabab’a “in the criminalization of normalization” in the book “Moroccan problems”). “Normalization” can be translated into French with the word Abêtissement, which is also formulated from the word “bête”, which means “animal” and at the same time means stupidity and idiocy when used as an adjective.

Just as “naturalization” makes its victim look like a “hyena” who does not think or appreciate like a normal-minded person does, so stupidity in the French dictionary means converting someone who is subject to that stupid, silly “smiling” animal. So “tabb” is a kind of “tokal” (a popular expression meaning food which contains substances with magical effect) and a magical practice aimed at deceiving the victim and robbing him of his will to obey what the magician or ” plague ”wants. This is what happened to a part of the Moroccan people who have come to believe that the Palestinian question is a national question or more important than it, and that every typist with Israel is a traitor, an agent, a Zionist and outside the “national consensus.” This is what the ruling power has used to strike a thousand accounts and prevented it from “venturing” into open normalization with Israel, settling for a sort of hidden normalization and secret.

He was therefore the victim of malicious blackmail (see the subject: “No to the practice of blackmailing the Moroccan establishment in the name of Palestine” in the book: “On the Amazigh identity of Morocco”) practiced at his against by Arabists, Islamists and nationalists: Either he boycotts Israel and declares his enmity, or he is accused of treason and collaboration with Zionism. The resulting activation of these blackmailers in the “normalization” mechanisms of mobilization and agitation against any attempt at normalization. This is what prompted the Moroccan regime to refrain from normalizing relations with the Hebrew state, even to the detriment of the interests of its Moroccan state.

This is why if what Morocco has done, through the country’s decision, is an important historic advance at this level, which concerns the establishment of normal and open diplomatic and trade relations with Israel, for the benefit of recognition by the United States of its Moroccan desert regions, then, on another level, it goes beyond conquest to form a revolution A real historic break in the cycle of blackmail which prevented Morocco from making its decisions in full sovereignty and independence, despite the damage this ban caused to its national interests.

Berbers – The Freemen

As in criminal extortion, each time the victim responds to the blackmailers’ request, she no longer asks for new requests. Likewise, the blackmailers who depend on the culture of “normalization” have demanded the Moroccan state, after it has responded to their aspirations, with other new demands that have even become in line with the demands of extortionists. Al-Tabbat ”, Arabic more than true Arabs, and Palestinian more than real Palestinians, and sacred to the Arabic language more than its original owners, excluding its Amazigh language in a manner unprecedented in history, denying its Berber affiliation and posing as an Arab Affiliation, thus conceding its identity dignity, a practice of an identity transformation, My nationalities and identities, contrary to the nature of things, and incompatible with moral and religious values ​​… Just like the only solution effective and efficient in ending the criminal extortion series is to break up one of its episodes until it stops renewal and continuation, so Morocco has done so by embarking on the normalization of its relations with Israel, thus gaining an overwhelming victory Over the culture of “normalization” and what it comes with blackmail, destroying the wheel with which it moves and moves, this blackmail based on drugs of “alienation”.

This destruction of the wheel of blackmail, of which Morocco has been captive for decades, sacrificing its Amazigh identity and its interests to satisfy the desires of the blackmailers who threatened it with the use of the weapon of “plagiarism” of which they controlled the minds and consciences of many Moroccans, it is the liberation of Morocco from this captivity which limited its sovereign decisions When this blackmail forced it to adapt these decisions to the wishes of the authors of this blackmail. This made it act, as I have indicated, as an Arab nation-state, yielding to the blackmail of Moroccan nationalists, working to spread Wahhabism in response to blackmail by Islamists, and practicing Amazigh-Western politics of Arabization in response to anti-Blackmail to the Arabization of their Berbers. But this destruction of the wheel with which this blackmail moved, which besieged Morocco and limited its sovereignty, is insufficient on its own, because we must work to destroy the fuel that was driving the wheel with which this blackmail was circulating. . This fuel is the culture of “naturalization” with which Moroccans have been repressed by schools, the media, unions, parties, Friday sermons and religious preaching classes;

Thus, the liberation of Morocco from blackmail in the name of foreign Arab causes is the beginning of the liberation of Moroccans from the culture of “naturalization” used by the “oppressors” and “The plagues” as a tool to exercise blackmail on the ‘State. To burn the fuel used to produce the culture of “naturalization”, it suffices to return to what is local and authentic Moroccan, the African Amazigh, which allows Moroccans to be who they are, just like their own. Afro-Amazigh affiliation. This frees them from “normalization” and gives them the identity independence that allows them to serve themselves and their national causes, with what it means by regaining their dignity that “normalization” has lost them by making them beggars. for the identities of other foreign peoples who do not recognize their affiliation at all. Normalization with Israel is a prelude to the normalization of Moroccans with themselves, that is to say with their Amazigh collective. entity.

This is why the Amazigh movement was the first to always demand the normalization of relations with Israel to serve the national interest. This was used as a golden opportunity by Arabists, Islamists and nationalists to demonize him and accuse him of Zionism, work and loyalty to Israel, so that the students of Al Qaeda are that is to say those who were paralyzed by “naturalization” and made them unable to advance, drew, at the entrance of the University of Meknes, with the intention of trampling underfoot, the Amazigh flag Next to the Israeli flag with an “equal” sign connecting them, indicating that one of them is equal to the other.

Tamazgha and Israel Friendship & Cooperation

Today, what is he going to do and the “grizzlies” will say “the tongs” when they see the Israeli flag standing, flanking the Moroccan flag? Will they burn the (national flag of General Hubert Lyautey) as they once did to the Israeli uncle? Would they say that the Amazigh movement has penetrated the Moroccan state? Or is Morocco a Zionist country like the Amazigh movement? Or are Moroccan officials traitors and agents, echoing what their masters of Palestinian officials said at the Polisario conferences in Algeria? Or will they call for the enactment of a law criminalizing normalization, as a group of “clinging” parliamentarians attempted in 2013, exposing themselves, at that time, to embarrassment beyond what would follow, making a joke of Moroccan parliamentary business watchers, and providing proof that the culture of “normalization” does not only produce political defeats and psychological ruptures?

Morocco has long suffered the betrayal of the Palestinians, as has the masochist victim who takes pleasure in the suffering and pain inflicted on him by his torturer. Even the late tyrant Hassan II, who was once angry with great anger, prompted him to send an urgent letter to the Moroccan people, in which he called on them to cut all ties with the Palestinians, after a speech by the representative Palestinians. Fatah organization, he attended a Polisaro conference in Algeria in the 1980s, in which he declared that the Saharawi people are suffering from the occupation, like the Palestinian people, (even him) will withdraw his decision and resume his support for the Palestinians, who meet what Morocco gives them through the grace of betrayal and denial.

The opportunity to normalize relations with Israel, with what it needed in terms of breaking the cycle of blackmail and the burning of “normalization” that this blackmail uses as fuel that ignites and works with it, is an opportunity for the blackmail practiced in the name of Palestine. This is achieved when the real traitor becomes the one who calls for normalization with Israel, as the culture of “normalization” has taught us. Rather, it is everyone who opposes this normalization in the name of the so-called Palestinian cause, and anyone who places this issue above or on par with national problems, which criminalizes it. Article 195 of the Moroccan penal code concerning the traitor to normalization as a recruiter for a foreign authority, according to what is stipulated in the same chapter, when it is a trumpet echoing accusations of treason and work accused by this foreign authority of Morocco State. To the rights of these real traitors, articles sanctioning the violation of respect due to the government, such as Article 179, must be activated, since normalization, which they consider to be treason, is a high decision.

I am not an Arab – I am a proud Amazigh

What Moroccans desperately need is not to liberate Palestine, but rather to free us from it after it has occupied us more than it is by Israel, and controls our minds and consciences with it. which it built larger and more permanent settlements than those of Israel. building, while providing it with all the infrastructure necessary for stability. Permanent, but without sewers, so that its “ambiguous” filth accumulates and settles in our minds and consciences in a permanent and effective manner (see topic: “Liberation of Palestine or Liberation of Palestine?” In the book : “On the Amazigh identity of Morocco”). In the implementation of the project to eliminate the ideology of “normalization” and the resulting blackmail, we should stop saying that the Palestinian cause deserves a plea and solidarity, not for ethnic, national or religious reasons, as nationalists and Islamists do, but because it is a humanitarian issue, as militants of the Amazigh movement repeat without knowing it. , they only flirt with the culture of “naturalization” and blackmail so as not to anger the owners who are so absorbed in it.

On the other hand, the liberation from the blackmail practiced in the name of Palestine is the liberation of Palestine itself, which since the creation of Israel was a cause used by Arabs, nationalists and Islamists, to serve their ideology and their political projects. . This squandered on the Palestinians many of the fair solutions they had had since 1948. However, these nationalists and Islamists encouraged them to reject these solutions and to continue their “resistance” and “resistance” and “steadfastness” until the end of the conflict. complete “. victory”. Whether we regard this Palestinian cause as just, human or otherwise, it has its people who are Palestinian. If the Arabs had not interfered in the dossier of this issue, perhaps a solution would have been found long ago, as evidenced by ample evidence, in addition to the statement of States which considered this issue. question like arousing them hostility towards Israel, which makes the latter see its war against the Palestinians as a legitimate war against its Arab enemies who are fighting Israel using the Palestinian cause.

And when I say that we must free ourselves from Palestine, in order to free ourselves from the blackmail practiced in its name, that does not mean in any way hostility towards the real Arabs. For these, we respect and appreciate them and cherish their relations of friendship and cooperation between us and them, which has turned out to be the beginning of real Arab countries to open consulates in our southern provinces to them. . Our problem is rather with the counterfeit Arabs, the Arabs of the culture of “naturalization”, the Arabs of the impression of identity, who, under the influence of the drug of “naturalization”, have chosen to be barbarians foreign to their Berber, according to the original Greek meaning of the word “barbarian”, living alienation, lie and sexual transformation, national and identity. The real Arabs are the first to reject these transformed barbarians and not to recognize their plagiarized and false Arabism.

The threat to stability supported by Islamists and Arab nationalists

The American decision on the Sahara and Morocco’s decision to restore public relations with Israel opened the door to a flood of opposition positions which all linked this step to the stabilization of the region, to entering a cycle of violence. and threatening social peace, etc. . .. The initiator of this “prophecy” was the Palestinian journalist Abdel-Bari Atwan who underlined in an article that “the Moroccan-Israeli agreement can be a project of sedition, and perhaps of wars and instability in the countries of the (Maghreb Union) Tamazgha Union. who remained immune to the unrest and wars that prevailed in the Arab Mashreq. “The Moroccan Association for the support of the causes of the nation followed the same approach, because after its denunciation and its condemnation of the restoration of relations with Israel, it considered that it was a step which” will be expensive. in Morocco through its history, its stability, its future and its regional relations.

As for the Unification and Reform Movement, the advocacy arm of the “Justice and Development” party – which is going through one of its worst periods of government – it considered in a declaration of condemnation that “the stage of relations with Israel opens the door to its penetration of society and the state and its threat to the cohesion of the social fabric and the stability and unity of the homeland. “

In the same context, the Prime Minister of neighboring Algeria, Abdelaziz Jarad, in turn, speaking about what Morocco has done, affirmed that “Algeria is a target”. He added: “There are serious problems in our regional environment that want to affect the stability of the region. And the African circle around Algeria… there are dangers, instability and wars.”

On the other hand, after Russia, in turn, confirmed its rejection of the American declaration on the Sahara, the Russian Foreign Ministry declared that the American position “would provoke further violence in the region”, according to the ‘Russian Arabic (ART) channel.

If normalization with Israel is what brings wars and conflicts, then how to explain that the countries of confrontation and “refusal” against Israel and the West in general, which Abd al-Bari Atwan supported and supported by were the Islamists and Arab nationalists who experienced the greatest seditions, and even resulted in total disintegration and devastation? Didn’t Saddam’s Iraq wreak havoc by storming its neighbor Kuwait? Wasn’t Syria sabotaged by an alliance between Qatar and Turkey, and its people were displaced with the blessing of the Union of Muslim Scholars, who declared “al-Nafir”, called to war and incited to fight and fight against the Bashar regime, which opposes Israel? How did Gaddafi’s Libya experience devastation from which it has so far been unable to come out and build a modern state for all of its citizens? Isn’t it full of the different religious militias gathered by “God is Great”, black flags and images of swordsmen? And who transferred 17,000 terrorists of the “Al-Nusra Front” from Syria to Libya? Is it Israel or the Brotherhood of Turkey, with the blessing of Qatar? How did Saudi Arabia declare war on Yemen? Was it because of their normalizing relationship with Israel? Are the Houthis affected by Israel?

As for our brother, the Algerian minister, he will have to answer us at which point great conflicts and odious massacres broke out in Algeria during ten years between the extremists of political Islam and the military junta which canceled the electoral series and threw its opponents in detention. Was all this due to the normalization of Algeria or of its neighbors with Israel? What about the street mobility that the military regime threw its leaders out of prison? What about the adoption of a constitution that has no legitimacy with 23% of the vote? Is all of this inspired by Israel?

Surround yourself with the freedom fighters, join the Moroccan Republicans!

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