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The Amazighs consider Morocco-Israel relations as historic victory

Moroccan Republic News and Magazine_
Sunday, December 12 2020 – 13:20

Amazigh activists describe the relations between Morocco and Israel as a historic victory.

By re-establishing previous positions and successive appeals, activists of the Amazigh movement in Morocco hailed the establishment of relations between Morocco and Israel. The voices of the majority united in presenting impressions in favor of the Moroccan-American approach, considering it a “historic victory”.

For years, many social movements in Morocco have been involved in normalization and boycott clashes, notably with the successive visits of activists to Tel Aviv, and the issuance of left-wing and Islamic organizations condemning this behavior, while insisting on freedom of international movement.

Late return

An Amazigh activist advocating the normalization of relations between Rabat and Tel Aviv, reported that the return of water to its rivers was long overdue, and that this situation should have been in place for years, considering this which happened as a breach of secrecy to the public due to the fact that the existing relationships still exist.

He added, in a statement that ties are strong in the areas of trade, security and visits, calling the decision historic and that it greatly benefits the country, especially since Israel is a big power in the region on many levels. , starting with technology and manufacturing.

Tamazgha and Israel Friendship & Cooperation

The spokesperson stressed that tourism will in turn be reborn, due to Jewish ties to Morocco, and businessmen will not find embarrassment in bilateral work, also appreciating Israel’s experience in the agricultural sector, and its great capacity to help Morocco.

He said the Moroccan economy has been severely affected by the repercussions of Corona, and that the current rapprochement will move the economic cycle, adding that this will not definitively solve the problem as part of the opening of the US consulate in Dakhla. On the contrary, Morocco should act to ensure similar initiatives from other countries.

Historical position

An Amazigh political actor, said that what has been achieved now in the Sahara issue and the re-consolidation of diplomatic and cultural relations with the State of Israel is a historic victory for the Amazigh movement and the culmination of a long road of intellectual battles and political controversy.

He added, in a statement that despite the nature of the Amazigh movement which operates outside institutions with an oppositional discourse, it presents a different ideological perception of the cultural and political systems prevailing in Morocco since the thirties of the last century.

The speaker stressed that the opening of cultural and civil relations between the Amazigh movement and Israeli organizations required great frankness and boldness on the part of Amazigh leaders and youth, and it is necessary to recall the historical position with which the great Amazigh national leader, Amghar, of the Moroccan Amazigh Democratic Party, broke the psychological and political barrier by visiting the State of Israel in 2008 and giving a seminar there.

The late Dahamad was subjected to a fierce campaign by supporters of Arab nationalism, socialism and Islamists, he said, but he defended his position and ideas to spread the culture of peace and religious coexistence and encourage the difference, considering the decision as a victory for the Amazigh Speech which thinks rationally and realistically for a better future for Morocco.

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