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The rain, snow and cold stops schooling in the Berber mountains

Moroccan Republic News and Magazine

Thursday, December 17 – 2020 – 16:20

The climatic fluctuations that take place in many parts of Morocco during these days have exacerbated the crisis of rural students; In addition to the contexts of the Corona pandemic, teachers are forced to postpone the continuation of educational courses, fearing the damage caused by the rains.

In the mountainous areas of Taroudant, Tafraout and Imlchil, the study was interrupted during the rainy days, which strongly affect the road routes and paths of the students who sometimes come from remote villages to the communal schools located in the center.

Mountainous areas are considered a great host for valleys. Which doubles the risk, faced with recurring scenarios that have claimed the lives of many educated and others, and this is what professors prefer to compensate for actions later, rather than risking everyone’s lives.

In turn, professors working in hilly areas endure a lot of difficulties in the current context, starting with the problem of heating departments and deteriorating equipment which makes most establishments operate with the highest capacities. simple, despite frequent discussions about budget allocations.

The spokeswoman of the secretary general of the National University of Education (Democratic critics), said that the centers always pay attention to these problems; However, ministry interaction is limited and weak, especially given the frequent roadblocks and lack of firewood during this time.

She added, in a statement, that the file is repeated every year; But what is strange is the insistence of the ministry not to activate an agreement which recognizes compensation for the benefit of teachers working in the rural world, criticizing the lack of any incentive for a group that suffers in silence.

The spokeswoman explained that the ministry refuses to sit down at the dialogue table, and that all the partners have been marginalized by Corona’s allegation, questioning the silence that settles in the face of many cases, and now complaints from teachers working in very rugged mountainous areas are added to them.

The spokesperson continued his statement by saying: “Little rain and snow revealed the reality of the education system in the mountains”, stressing that the fear of a disaster that could arise is still present.

In this regard, The spokeswoman of the secretary general of the National University of Education (Democratic critics) called on the whole government to adopt the dossier, through the intervention of several ministries and the provision of budgets and quality standards.

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