The high indebtedness is a result of the King Predator Mohamed VI of Morocco evading the public funds

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The King Predator of Morocco offers himself a private mansion in Paris when his country is in crisis amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Moroccan Authoritarian has just acquired a sumptuous mansion in the heart of Paris. The act indicates that the sale took place the day before his Speech from the Throne, in which he spoke of the efforts that will have to be made to get Moroccans out of this situation of economic crisis, accentuated by the health crisis experienced in recent months. The bought this palace of € 80 million.

The Paris palace of the King Predator Mohamed VI

The revealed information, causing indignation in Morocco. King Predator Mohammed VI has become the proud owner of a private mansion located at 20, avenue Emile-Deschanel, in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. If the information shocks the population so much, it is because of the awkward timing for such a purchase. The Autocrat King did not hesitate to spend 80 million euros to acquire this property, on July 28, in all discretion. On July 29, in his Dictatorship Speech from the Throne, the sovereign explained that he was aware that the coronavirus crisis “deeply affects the income of families” and he asked “each citizen to observe exemplary and responsible civic behavior”.

Benchaaboun: The high indebtedness is an inevitable result of the unprecedented health and economic conditions.

Mohamed Benchaaboun, Minister of Economy and Finance

Saturday 05 December 2020 – 16:25

Mohamed Benchaaboun, Minister of Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform, said that funding for universal health coverage workshops does not only depend on the social contribution of solidarity, but rather mainly depends on the rationalization of allocated funds. to a group of social programs, in addition to which is the Ramid program, and transferring part to fund these workshops.

On Friday December 04, 2020, during the general discussion of the finance bill at the Council of Advisors, Benchaaboun explained that despite the impact of the circumstance on the general budgetary resources of the State, the project allocated more than 14 billion dirhams for download government bonds as part. social dialogue, and 13.6 billion dirhams to continue supporting articles The state budget also supports around 13 billion dirhams in tax expenditures for the benefit of families.

He pointed out that the government is uploading community reform workshops related to universal social coverage, while the first building blocks of compulsory health coverage will be uploaded from 2021, pointing out that around 22 million Moroccans will benefit. of these workshops. , more than 11 million of them live in a vulnerable situation and have been registered under Ramid, and 11 million other citizens do not have any health coverage.

The minister estimated that the increase in the Treasury debt index relative to gross domestic product, which is expected to reach a level of around 76% by the end of 2020, will not have a “significant impact” on debt sustainability.

He stressed that despite this increase, which is an inevitable result of unprecedented health and economic conditions, like most countries in the world, it will not significantly affect debt sustainability.

He stressed that the current structure of the debt is “healthy”, in addition to the fact that its cost and risk indicators remain at safe and controlled levels.

He indicated that the government is determined to embark on the path of reducing the budget deficit, with the aim of gradually controlling the development levels of the volume of Treasury debt, and preserving the continuity of Morocco’s capacity. to bear the debt.

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