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Richard Azzouz denounces the tyranny in morocco

Surround yourself with the freedom fighters, join the Republicans of Morocco!

Torture and mayhem, crimes against Humanity, are exclusive complicity in systematic Criminal activities? In my opinion, they have no option in answering for the mismanagement, and the economically disastrous future facing the thieves, the black marketers, traffickers in commodities, and natural resources.

The Tyrant King Mohamed VI of Morocco

A Totalitarian-monopoly goes hand and hand with this sort of tyranny, Perpetuated by a well-protected, hand-picked closed net circle of amusing ridiculous buffoonery guilty of a multitude of bloody vulgar sanctioned criminal cases sending a horrific message of fear by a sanctioned signature of a criminal police state. 

Where the accused police branch bears the Royal-complicity Seal of approval in every horrific violation of human rights, brutalities, horrific assassinations defying Hollywood’s productions. One would ask what is the motive behind their deliberate, nonchalant crimes against humanity? in Morocco. Supported by the draconian judiciary mafia, and its twisted whore house Moroccan justice, the handpicked judges, and their supreme-chief play into the dictatorial camouflage, complicity by executing tyrannical orders in the kangaroo courts of his Majesty the criminal head of traitors.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Moroccan-police-brutality-against-professors-protests-1.jpg
The Moroccan brutal police

In a country where the pageantries Parlemantria are illiterates in the majority, fraudulently elected, giving rights to the greedy opportunists, to take advantage of a  pre-colonial fragile era made worst by a greedy dictator, and his extra-large family, the privileged above the law in the situation of the thousands defying commonsense, logic, or civility! Coupled with an enforced monotonous secrecy, in a bazaar of black magic futilities, traditions of dark ages spread by the hired clergy, and the mouthpiece called ” Media” propaganda based theology for hire.

Morocco is where the criminal’s tugs, of horrors in a Draconian- police state, and its various branches, are spreading fear by recounting, and bragging publicly about their specialty of horrific tortures methods.

The Tyrant Mohamed VI King of Morocco

  As it shows here in the testimony of this brutal character by the name of Al Kharaz, a retired pig, bragging about his cruelty, and how the Autocrat King’s men enjoy exerting physical pain, humiliation, and abuse of power in a sanctioned systematic mode. By these evident-recorded statements, he has prejudiced the Moroccan-police state, and its Supreme judge, in this case, Mohammed 6, and his oppressive machine.

Abdel Kader El Kharraz a former police state officer

Mr. Al Kharaz the ex collaborator- torturer, has openly admitted to his complicity in a sanctioned systematic grave case of Human Rights violations, and veiled crimes against humanity, in accordance with the violations of basic international laws, and the United Nations charters. In closing; Here I have presented a valid incriminating,  accusatory-evidence.

I move to the motion of demanding the release of all political prisoners, Amongst them the kidnapped members of ”Harak Rif” at the head of this list  Mr. Zefzafi, and the rest, Tyranny’s victims of substantiated horrific interrogation methods, who suffered painfully at the hands of the dictator’s men and his shameful-draconian methods.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Mohamed-Jalloul-Rif-Activist.jpg
Pr. Mohamed Jalloul, jailed for 20 years for his Hirak Rif

Freedom for the bloggers, like Moul Al Kasskita, Moul Ahanout, and all including a victim who refused to call the dictator ” Sidna” when confronted, and arrested by a female Kaid? Meaning our Master, as if we are his slaves! A Vendita…

Activist Mohamed Sekkaki – Moul Lkaskita

He was arrested for his previous activities in “the 20 Fevrier Mouvement” as was his father too.  In the face of these abject human rights violation by the dictator’s men in Morocco.

I hereby ask the international communities, the United Nations, and all concerned to shoulder their responsibility, in solving the outstanding crimes against humanity in Morocco and render justice to the voiceless victims of such childish tyranny.  Following the rules of law. 

Thank you.

By Amghar Richard Ben Azzouz.

Retired I.AT.S.E member, U.S.A Army Major G.S 12 Linguist.

Filmmaker, Artist, journalist, human rights activist. 

C/C ijrc@ijrcenter.org /  https://ijrcenter.org/un-treaty-bodies/human-rights-committee/info@hrf.org <info@hrf.org>; / info@hrf.org <info@hrf.org

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