Our North African Diaspora, or is it the French occupation nightmare’s residues?

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November 21, 2020 – 18:41

By Mr. Richard Ben Azzouz. 

      I was born on the 24th of July 1950 somewhere in North Africa, or what was, or is “French Morocco”. A murky part of the world made dirty by slave-trading bigots, beastly by the savagery of dark ages like pirates, fighting for the loots. Hunger, dirt and ignorance, naivety made the Moroccans an easy prey to the Islamists fanatics who are still pretending to know the truth because of their use by the Arab dictators in drugging the depraved victimized populace in the overwhelming numbers of cheap mosques, On a mate covered floor they perform some sort of gymnastics exercises coupled with hypnotizing clinical brain surgery. called a miracle by the bearded clergy sermons, and, who do supplement their wages by performing black magic, or cast love-spells, and charm, the word Charlton will do in describing such profession, or is it a faith?.

A crazy-brutal  life experience that would live an innocent child scared, social injustice is the norm in a land where Islam tells you to accept your lots, or your pertained misery, since Allah picks and chooses who he wants to make rich, or poor, 

I’m still wondering how he picks them? 

He definitely made a wrong choice when he picked Mohamed 6 for a King in the land of slavery!

I left Morocco on the 13th of April 1972 for New York, at the age of 22. Upon arriving

 I got lost in an entirely different universe, a Universe where liberty blinded my senses, easy life, abundance, love, nice people, and many toys, so I played, and I played in my own wonderland far from the intoxicating crowds in jelaba, babouches, and veils, the screaming bastards calling for the prayers early in cold daybreak, the rigid biblical land, I have gladly left behind, as well as the dreadful monotonous position of Tax Inspector working for the Ministry of Finances, what a joke that was! Merde.

Amghar Richard Ben Azzouz

Concerning the Safi Corniche case, which previously in the Federation’s regional branch had submitted a complaint regarding the defects in the implementation of this project and was referred by the General Prosecutor to the corrupted King at the Court of Appeal in Marrakech to the National Division of the Authoritarian Judicial Police in Casablanca, the human rights statement stated that “it still has not finished its research despite The passage of a long time, with strong doubts, that some sought to obliterate this issue with the aim of impunity.

My salary then was at a moderate rate of 600 Dollars per Month at the exchange rate of 10 Dirhams a Dollar. 

So we are here to fight for the rights of the voiceless, the abused children, the imprisoned victims of tyranny, and the totalitarian Dictator Mohamed 6, and his tugs. 

Surround yourself with the freedom fighters

  • My first job in New York was in construction, Trained as Bartender in Hotel Manhattan, by a Moroccan Jew and a friend, then Driving a cab in the streets of Manhattan, attending both The Hunter college and NYU. Later I moved to Los Angeles, where I acted in two plays, movies, and spent 35 years working for the Film Industry as an IATSE UNION MEMBER.
  • Meanwhile, the political bug was eating at me for the fact that I had left Morocco. under duress, you may say by choice, but deep inside of me, I know I was kicked out by the unpleasant living conditions, and the brutality of fascist tyranny. So I kept busy by blogging., reading, watching movies as a professional filmmaker, or a veteran man of Showbiz. I dress to impress, I eat healthy food, and I keep good company if I can,, or by myself for tranquility, and meditation.
  • Yesterday I was in a meeting on the net, by accident I connected with a few rascals from the old North African tribes, friends who also experienced some semblance of my melancholy, and the bad memories. Therapeutically we opened up to each other in setting blames, and pointing fingers at the monsters of our childhood, the Savage French occupation of North Africa, the slave’s traders cruelty, the traditions, the backwardness, and our differences as Moroccans-Berbers,

And my brave-brothers the Algerians, and so the Sahrawis, the Tunisians, the Lybians, and so out of luck; we have agreed to form an organization of the consciousness activists in order for us to put up a legal fight, and to challenge the fascist’s regimes of monstrous wanted criminals, by exposing their vicious-veil-crimes Internationally, to put a stop to their dark activities as in Drugs trafficking, prostitution rings, child trafficking, and pedophilia haven in Marrakech and slowly grow to a respectable mighty human rights Organisation.

And so we have agreed to support the free people of Sahara in their struggle at the hands of the French opportunism, and their Moroccan mafia of criminals.

  In my opinion, Morocco is not to be considered as a nation, for the facts are these specific countries are run by a tyrannical bunch of spoiled brats, and idiots for Generals.

Furthermore I do not wish for the Sahrawis people the same miserable faith of the Berbers people under the Moroccan Apartheid regime of shame. The Berbers in Morocco have suffered an imaginable burden from negligence, racism, ridicule, abuse land confiscations, mineral resources deprivation, famines, and the systematic tortures, kidnapping, and the injustice of the King’s Devin totalitarian Draconian justice!

Amghar Richard Ben Azzouz

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