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Morocco to build 170 mosques yearly instead of schools, universities and libraries

Moroccan Republic News and Magazine

Thursday 12 November 2020  10:45

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Ministry of Religious Endowments announced that Morocco needs to build 170 mosques every year. In order to keep pace with the pace of demographic growth and the urban expansion the country is experiencing.

This came in a draft budget for the Ministry of Endowments, during its discussion, Wednesday, in Parliament.

The Totalitarian ministry said, “Taking into account the annual rate of increase in the population, the number of annual needs for building mosques reaches 170 mosques.”

She attributed this to “keeping pace with the pace of demographic growth and urban expansion in the country.”

There are 51 thousand mosques in Morocco, according to previous statements by the Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Al-Tawfiq, most of them are still closed due to the Corona pandemic, as only 10 thousand mosques were opened to hold prayers after the quarantine measures were eased in various regions and governorates of the Dictatorship Kingdom.

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