The Ministry of Health denies the evidence documenting overcrowding and neglect among Corona patients in Nador

November 9, 2020 16:30

Today, Monday, the regional delegation of the Ministry of Health in Nador denied the authenticity of the videos and audio recordings attributed to the Hassani Regional Hospital on social media, which document patients in a poor condition.

In a communiqué, the commission refuted the validity of the videos documenting the presence of patients in a state of overcrowding and lacking the necessary health care conditions, stressing that what was published has nothing to do with, from near or far, the care that patients receive in the hospital.

In the same communication, the Directorate appreciated the tremendous efforts made by all health workers and sector workers, calling on citizens to adhere to the health measures and measures taken by the authorities to limit the spread of the epidemic.

The Nador region is experiencing an increase in the number of injuries and deaths, due to the worsening epidemiological situation, which prompted many political and civil bodies to call for intervention in order to save the health situation from collapse.

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