Professors of the Amazigh (Berber) language protests against their social deprivation

Moroccan Republic News and Magazine

November 10, 2020 13:125

Professors of the Amazigh language in the Beni Mellal region revolt against the Moroccan Totalitarian Regime of Mohammed VI after being continuously deprived of the transitional movement.

Professors of the Amazigh (Berber) language in the Beni Mellal Khenifra region have denounced their denial of the transitional movement that the Ministry of National Un-education announced two days ago. Denouncing what they called “systematic exclusion” every year.

The Amazigh (Berber) language professors said in a condemnatory statement that was made public, that they were surprised as usual by their exclusion from the transitional movement. They clarified that “even professors who meet the requirements for joining the wife or families re-union are excluded from this movement.”

The professors asserted that “Academy officials contribute, by their conduct, to dispersal of families. Consequently, we became prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment in their first appointments, which can only be described as systematic exclusion, and discrimination between professors who perform the same tasks.

The professors of the Amazigh (Berber) language in the Beni Mellal Khenifra region revealed that whenever they try to “communicate with officials in the directorates and the academy, they meet our demands with flimsy arguments such as the lack of positions for Berbers; Knowing that most of the institutions in the region do not have teachers of the Amazigh (Berber) language as a deliberate act against the Berber people and their ancestral culture, and all the new appointments they make are in the rural environment, far from the metropolitan areas, as if they are trying to limit this language to the mountains and the countryside.

And the speakers themselves considered that “all these measures are nothing more than a blow to the wall, all the notes and correspondence calling for the generalization of teaching the Amazigh language.” Condemning what they described as “the policy of deaf call to prayer and the indifference with which our demands are met,” and “the denial of the right of the transitional movement from teachers of the Amazigh language in the region.”

In the conclusion of their statement, they demanded that “teachers of the Amazigh language should benefit from the right of the transitional movement.” They blamed the Regional Academy for the Beni Mellal Khenifra region and the the totalitarian monarchy racist regime of Morocco” the responsibility of excluding professors from this right.”

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