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My noble fight will be against the dictator king Mohammed 6 of Morocco in the International courts

My noble fight will be conducted in the International courts against the dictator king Mohammed 6 of Morocco.

I, reserve the right to respond to the criminal police state of the terrorist despot totalitarian Dictator Mohamed 6;

King Predator Mohammed VI of Morocco and his latest purchased palace in Paris.

Also his mafia of pedophiles, human, and drug traffickers, the torturous, the assassins who compose the Moroccan fascist’s apartheid gangsters.

In all civility, honesty, and sincerity I must confess in accusing this revolting ridiculous cruel racist-tyranny of cardinal monstrous crimes against humanity, my Amazighs (Berber) people, who have to live under such primitive conditions, brutality, depravations, negligence, famines, and prosecutions by the savage fanatic invaders the slaves’ merchants by historical cruel facts and evidence.

King Predator Mohammed VI 1.2 million luxury watch

Today the same culprits are here accused and exposed French agents, gangsters, traitors, as they are accused of International terrorism, prostitution rings, and espionage!

A starving Moroccan boy like millions others across Morocco, impoverished by Mohamed VI

My noble fight will be conducted in the International courts.


Mr. Richard Azzouz.

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  1. بالتوفيق لموقعنا الجديد…
    نعم هو كذلك بكل المواصفات التي كتبت عنه، وما خفي اعظم .لا احد يستطيع ان يرفع الصوت في وجهه ليقول من اين لك ما اشتريت به كل تلك القصور والممتلكات؟؟
    نحن في امس الحاجة لتلك العملة الصعبة في حين ندينمن البنك الدولي و باسم المواطنين الى جانب ما
    يسرقه من اموال الظرئب مبالغ طائلة …غرقنا اخويا عاوز فهد البلاد

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