Moroccan Republicans denounce the corrupted Monarchy and the justice weakness to human rights activists and journalists

Friday 09 October 2020 | 08:15

The Moroccan Republican Association for the Protection of Public Fund affirmed “the absence of a real political will to confront royals corruption, bribery and rent in light of the persistence of impunity in Morocco, as corruption centers and lobby continue to obstruct all initiatives aimed at creating public life, as is the case with regard to criminalizing illicit enrichment and the national strategy to combat corruption. “; this came days after the King Predator Mohamed VI purchase of the palace in Paris for 80.00 million Euros.

This came, in a statement by the National Authoritarian Office, following their meeting yesterday.

The statement of the Moroccan Republican Association for the Protection of Public Fund in Morocco warned of “the danger of the duplication of justice and the weakness of the latter in the face of the corrupt royals and the robbers of public money and its vigilance whenever it comes to human rights activists and journalists,” stressing “the persistence of corruption, bribery and plundering public money that confiscates available development opportunities and contributes to the increase in poverty and vulnerability rates and deepening Feeling of injustice ”.

While the same statement raised what it called “the danger of the continuing unjust distribution of wealth and the spatial disparity between regions and regions,” it called on the judiciary to “assume its full responsibility in tackling impunity, fighting corruption, bribery and plundering public money, and taking bold and courageous decisions regarding that.”
The association recorded, according to the statement of its Republicans National Office, “the delay in preliminary research on a set of files of financial corruption and the lack of decisions regarding them despite their longevity. Our regret) ”, according to the language of the same statement.

And the Republican commission’s statement monitored “the weakness and limited judicial rulings issued in cases of corruption and bribery, which do not match the seriousness of the crimes committed with the length of judicial procedures and exceeding reasonable limits.”

The Republicans called on the unconstitutional institutions unconcerned to “conduct a comprehensive and deep examination of the public deals concluded during the Corona pandemic period, including the deals related to the Ministry of Health, regarding which a wide societal discussion was raised, with all the appropriate legal sanctions being arranged.”

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