The autocracy of Tiznit banned the celebration of the “martyr for a living” Ghozlan, while an American university honors her

Friday 09 October 2020 | 09:38

The totalitarian authorities in Tiznit prevented the celebration of the “martyr for a living” the student Ghozlan, in exchange for an American university celebrating her on Thursday, October 8, after her dream was in her life to pursue her studies in America after she obtained her baccalaureate from Al-Wahda high school where she was studying

A civil activist that at a time when an American university celebrates the deceased Ghazlan, in her hometown of the two rural community, the authorities refuse to receive news of the celebration of the events of the fortieth anniversary of the death of a martyr for a living.

He went on to say: Today there is a symbolic celebration and here is a symbolic killing.

The American University chose to celebrate the student, martyr for a livelihood, Ghazlan, who comes from the “Zawiyet” roundabout in the group of Aklou al-Turabiya (17 kilometers south of Tiznit), and her picture was published underneath the books “Ghazlan Eli in Amazigh (My daughter’s gazlan)).

The schoolgirl Ghozlan was killed in the overturning of a pickup truck last August. She was on board with agricultural workers on the national road No. 1 linking Agadir and Tiznit (the kilometer point is a diamond).

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